Moving Love, Energy & Dr B.

Connecting to a 5000 year old tradition of healing energy work.

Moving Love originated directly out of the unfathomable energies released in our lives by death, in this case the unexpected death of Davis Armistead, the 25 year old son of Suzanne and David Armistead, who died in their home on September 5th, 2007, following a 15 year long battle with rheumatoid arthritis and its many complications.

Such deep wounds call out profound healings if we can open and receive. And along with these healings, death is always also attended by miracles.

Over the years preceeding Davis’ death, the family actions seeking health and healing for their son included various alternative and natural healing practices, particularly those given from the Asian cultures. This included for the Armisteads, in the year prior to Davis’ death, the miracle of encountering and embracing as a family a healing energy work situated in a 5000 year old Chinese system referred to as the “Get Younger Treatments,”  represented in the West by their teacher, friend and benefactor – Dr. Barry Morguelan.

After Davis’ death, many other profound miracles have occurred along the Moving Love way, but it has always been through connection to the Energy, with the healing support of Dr. Morguelan, that the Armisteads have been fueled to stand and face directly into the experience of grief and loss, fully embracing it, open to the mystery that is life. And it is this that has enabled Moving Love to come into being, bringing a transformation of grief, loss and sadness from darkness into light to hundreds of people in a healing circle of love that continues to expand daily.

Suzanne, Davis and David are each grateful for connection to this Energy and for the generosity of Dr. Morguelan in empowering their actions and relationships so that Moving Love could come to be.

If you are interested in, or desire this type of healing Energy connection, you may visit the Morguelan Energy Institute web site at:, or send them email at

Thank You Dr. B!

Dr. Barry Morguelan - Energy Master

Dr. Barry Morguelan, Suzanne and David Armistead