Moving Love Experiences


On September 5th, 2007, Davis Armistead, the 25 year old son of Suzanne and David Armistead, died in their home after a long battle with rheumatoid arthritis and its complications. That day began a series of extraordinary healing experiences for Suzanne and David leading to the realization that love is eternal and heals all separations; that death is not the end; that shifting from fear to love enables the return to union; and that by choosing love over all considerations, grief can be transformed from darkness into light.

Out of these experiences, Suzanne, discovered an emerging inner artistic collaboration with her son Davis to create an artistic communication of this transformation in a work of “art for healing.” Joined by her husband David, a storyteller and writer, this collaboration gave birth to Moving Love.

“Art for healing” is a collaborative art movement producing works that express and convey the power of love to transform darkness into light.

The Moving Love experience is about healing every separation to remain connected forever by standing in love, open to the mystery that is life.

Each Moving Love creation is a passion filled exercise in art for healing, seeking through the transforming power of love to shift our experience from darkness into light, healing all separation and loss forever by choosing love and the return to connection. Each Moving Love creation is an artful expression that reaches out to include and embrace everyone present.

Moving Love Productions is the growing collaboration of artists, founded by Suzanne, Davis and David, producing art that heals to express the transformation through love of grief, loss and sadness from darkness into light.

Moving Love Video – Experiences of the Moving Love Performance at One World Theater

Playing at Austin’s fabulous One World Theater on September 5th, 2008, the Moving Love Performance enacted the Armistead’s true story of the return to union, following the apparent separation of death, by making the shift from fear to love, connecting with loved ones in life and death by choosing love over all considerations, judgments and pre-conceptions.

Since that date, we have received many inquiries asking for a video experience of the Moving Love Performance at the One World Theater. With the generous financial support of donors, and many courtesies from Lava Studios (Austin), we did capture the entire performance in wonderfully high quality raw video footage. But the conversation of that raw footage into a Moving Love work will now require significant additional post-production work and additional funding.

To donate to this effort and to follow our progress with the Moving Love Videos click here.

Moving Love Performances

Work is actively underway to identify venues, sponsors and collaborators for further live productions of the Moving Love Performance and the other theater-based Moving Love experiences transforming grief from darkness into light and healing separation forever. If you would like to sponsor or collaborate in a Moving Love production, or can help us connect us to collaborating artists, producers, or appropriate venues click here.

Moving Love Presentations

Suzanne is available to present the Moving Love experience to your groups and organizations through improv narration and expressive movement. These presentation are very dynamic, passionate, and involve everyone present in an experience of the transforming power of love. If you would like to discuss scheduling a presentation of Moving Love at an upcoming conference, meeting, or event, or if you have other group presentation situations in which you would like to include Moving Love…
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Moving Love Dialogues

In preparing for the Moving Love Performance, a small group of friends convened for a one evening exploration of the Moving Love experience with Suzanne and David in an intimate setting. Using improvisational narration and movement, Suzanne, with David, interacted in a dialogue format with everyone present. The experience was a powerful exercise in using the healing power of art to transform grief from darkness into light and to heal every loss and separation forever by continually choosing love. If you have an interest in participating in this type of Moving Love Dialogue group…
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Moving Love Healing Journey

Based on the reports of the people who have shared the Moving Love experience in dialogues and the performance, and from the reports of all those in the extended Moving Love production family, Suzanne is holding a vision of an artful healing path utilizing the unique and incredibly powerful background resources which underlay the emergence of Moving Love. To explore this vision, we invite any interested to join with us in an experimental year long program of artful healing through Moving Love. The year long path will cost approximately $7,500 and will involve daily and weekly use of the various disciplines, practices and professional services, expressed in artful ways, that proved critical to Suzanne’s and David’s journey transforming grief from darkness into light. If participation in such a journey of healing art would benefit you…
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Other Moving Love Experiences

We want to know about your desires and the possibilities you see. If you have other ideas for Moving Love experiences to bring the power of art to help transform grief from darkness into light and to support healing every separation forever by choosing love…
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