Moving Love Presentations

Presenting the Moving Love Experience

Each Moving Love Presentation is a passion filled exercise in art that heals, seeking to transform grief from darkness into light, healing separation and loss forever by choosing love to return to connection. Each Moving Love Presentation is an artful exercise in creative and improvisational movement and narration, music and visual media, that reaches out to include and embrace everyone present. Because of the intensely flexible style, a Moving Love Presentation may be styled to work in almost any venue, for any desired length.

Suzanne Armistead is the original creator of Moving Love and brings to each Moving Love Presentation her committment to be fully present to the whole experience of life, choosing love in every moment. Suzanne’s husband, David Armistead is Suzanne’s primary collaborator in producing Moving Love experiences and shares her committment to presence.

Suzanne invites your contact and collaboration to create art for healing in the form of Moving Love Presentations and other Moving Love experiences opening to the transformation of grief from darkness into light, and expecially for exploration of post-death continuing connection and the miracles that come with learning to walk in love without form.

If you would like to collaborate in the creation of a Moving Love Presentation with Suzanne and David, or would like to arrange for a Moving Love Presentation click here.

To see a calendar of upcoming Moving Love presentations click here [link to Moving Love calendar pending]